Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One Month (Mostly) Wheat Free

In an effort to take control of my health I've begun a wheat free journey courtesy of  Wheat Belly. I have had no obvious wheat products for one month with the exception of the occasional test noodle when cooking for the family and one flour tortilla during play week.  I have cut down on other grains, but I still have some oats and brown rice.
  • Down 4.5 pounds:  It's not the dramatic weight loss you read about in the testimonials, but I'll take it.
  • Reduced sugar cravings: I can't tell you how many times I've tried to get rid of sugar in my diet. I would eat "healthy whole wheat" and by the end of the day I would attack for anything with sugar. I would end up eating boxed cereal at bedtime so I could sleep. Now I have lost most of my cravings for sweets.  I still like sweet things, but I'm good after a bite or two. That's a good thing.
  • *TMI ALERT* I'm, um, regular. That loss of fiber that was going to ruin my digestive tract has had the opposite effect.
  • *TMI ALERT* I didn't bloat last month. I usually gain around 3 pounds of water weight before that time of the month.
  • My shoulder doesn't hurt anymore! I had an almost constant ache in my right shoulder for over a year. The pain was attributed to repetitive motion (a.k.a. too much computer). I noticed it was gone when I was putting on my coat last week and I didn't wince when I put my arm through the sleeve.
No Change:
  • I haven't noticed a significant change in my average energy level. I have been busier than normal with the Crafter's play, work, and having major landscaping done in the yard. I pray more energy is coming.
  • Hip and knee pain are still my companions, especially when it's rainy.
  • Female issues are still issues.
  • Eating away from home is challenging. Restaurants are manageable. I can usually get a salad with grilled meat. Eating at someone's house is another story. I either have to bring my own food or hope they have safe foods. Then I have to explain. Then I have to politely decline "just one homemade roll." I worry about appearing rude or unappreciative.
  • I'm in this diet change by myself. I hope they will come along at some point.
  • I miss crackers. I miss cheese and crackers, peanut butter and crackers, and soup with crackers. 
I have been exercising approximately four days a week. I mostly walk on the treadmill in my bedroom. I want to do some exercise videos, but my family is not supportive. They peek in and laugh at me. The TV is in the living room, so I can't really hide.

So all in all I'm doing better. I will update again next month.

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