Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Play's (was) the Thing

Another Christian Youth Theater (CYT) play has come and gone. I am not exaggerating when I say that Sleeping Beauty has been our lives for the past two weeks. Wild Thing, Princess Pink, and I did get a break from waiting at the 3 hour rehearsals because of the generosity of a friend. The Crafter was able to ride with her and her family. I remain grateful. If you happen to be reading this, chocolate is heading your way when we get back on regular schedule.

This year the Crafter was the sky/sea, a maid, and a jewelry salesperson. The Crafter and her friends performed brilliantly last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

We had a surprise last Tuesday. One of the cast members was sick and the Crafter was called in to do Princess age 8. She did beautifully. She mastered a dance and a few lines in only two rehearsals. The sick cast member recovered and was able to go on Thursday, but the director allowed the Crafter to perform the princess role on Friday. That was the night our AWANA girls came to see the play.

Needless to say, we were and are still tired, but CYT is worth it. Sleeping Beauty was spiritually twisted to be an allegory of Creation to Revelation. The Gospel is clearly presented. The princess must choose between the Shepherd, Jesse, and Prince Tromperie, the Deceiver. When the princess says "I want Jesse," Tromperie causes her to fall asleep--death. She is awakened for her marriage at the end of the age.

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  1. How wonderful. My children will be doing Sleeping Beauty this Spring with their dance studio. Your dd did awesome. What a great experience.