Monday, October 19, 2009

A Very Belated Birthday

The Crafter turned 10 last month, right in the middle of the Historian's 19 day work-a-thon.  There was no way to get a party together for her close to her actual birthday.  The Crafter also wanted to have a BIG party since she didn't have one last year. 

Soon, October came upon us and still, there was no party.  We searched the calendar for a date that wouldn't conflict with other activities.  We settled on October 17.  The Crafter made lovely invitations to coordinate with a panda theme.  She got the idea for a panda cake from the Betty Crocker web site.   We searched the internet for Chinese inspired crafts that were fun.  We shopped the local craft stores for fancy origami paper.

The cake was an adventure.  The Betty Crocker web site provided good instructions, but they didn't warn me about the pitfalls.  I will never again attempt to decorate a cake with store-bought icing.  It was like the icing was tape that pulled off outer layer of cake.  It turned out OK.   I did utter some words not fit for children to hear in the process though.

Photobucket Photobucket

Eleven girls and one boy (the little boy I keep a few afternoons a week) were invited.  Two girls came, and they had a ball.  They ended up playing badminton most of the allotted party time.  They called home to ask to stay longer (YES!).  The Crafter received craft supplies and a lava lamp as gifts.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why Yes, I am Aware That My Son's Pants are Backwards.

Wild Thing has a habit of wearing his pants backwards.  It doesn't bother me.  In fact it makes a lot of sense.  He explained it to me.  You see, Wild Thing is built like a stick.  He has no hips to hold up his pants.  If he wears them the right way, then his pants go down when he uses his pockets.  If he wears them backwards, then he can use the back pockets without making his pants come down.  If his pants stay up, I don't make him wear a belt.  See, it's perfectly logical.

Front View

Rear view