Friday, June 26, 2009

Artist Carl Warner

We discovered these landscapes a few weeks ago.

broccoli-forest-carl-warner.jpg picture by soandjo

Carl_warner_Salmon-sea.jpg picture by soandjo

Look closely.  Notice anything unusual?  Every item in these works of art is edible.  We have had great fun looking at these landscapes and trying to figure out how the pictures were made.  For example, the mountains are bread and the sea is salmon. 

Carl Warner is a photographer based in London.  He is know for his "foodscapes", and you can see his work in many food ads.  Check out these sites.  There is duplication among the sites, but each one has a few unique images.  We especially enjoy the meat landscapes.

The Crafter is particularly inspired, but I haven't given her permission to buy large amounts of produce to create a forest.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Goodbye Sweetie...Hello Princess Pink

This post is way overdue.  For some time now, the Crafter has been after me to change Sweetie's blog name.  The main reason is that she's not as sweet as she used to be.  My youngest daughter has a fiery temper and a well devoloped stubborn streak. 

I chose Sweetie's blog name shortly after her second birthday.  She was going through a phase where she called EVERYONE "Sweetie".   The checkout clerk and the bug man were not immune.   She picked up the phrase in her Sunday School class.  Her teacher always said "Bye Sweetie" when she left each week. 

The Crafter and I thought long and hard about what name should replace Sweetie.  We decided on Princess Pink.  Her favorite color is pink.  She must wear pink each day even if it's only her underwear.  She eats off a pink plate whenever possible.  Right now as I type, she is crying that we don't have a pink blow pop for her dessert.  She will have to settle for purple.

Her other interests currently include playing dress-up, coloring, and playing with her babies.


Princess Pink with her pink babies

Monday, June 8, 2009

History Project

I finally found the camera cable.  Now my pictures are out of the camera and in the computer.

This is a history project the Crafter did in April.   It was from Chapter 10 of The Story of the World volume 3 on Japan.  The Zen Garden was supposed to be rectangular, but we couldn't find anything suitable at the time.  Both gardens were made in styrofoam plates.


Zen Garden


Bonsai Garden