Sunday, April 15, 2012

Angry Birds Party--Finally

Back in February, Wild Thing was having some behavioral issues, and we had to cancel his already belated birthday party. Fortunately, he was able to earn his party back though it was very, very belated. We held it a couple of weeks ago. The Crafter and I made a Pinterest board for the ideas we gathered from around the web. Here are our interpretations.

I love doing cupcake cakes. It makes serving so much easier. Also, there's no fussing about someone getting a bigger piece.

Cupcake Cake

The Pigs

The structure is made of Little Debbie Peanut Butter Bars and icing. A FaceBook friend gave me this valuable hint. The pigs and birds are made from Wilton fondant that we bought at A. C. Moore with a 50% off coupon.


The Birds

We did minimal inside decorations. We only put balloons up in the doorways. We sent a balloon home with each guest.

Balloon Decorations
The menu was bagel pizzas, baby carrots with dip, and Babybel cheese birds.

Red Bird Pizzas

Babybel Cheese Red Birds

After eating, we played games. We broke the pig pinata. We played pig in the woodpile. That was my brilliant idea for getting a pile of wood moved to it's summer location. Then the kids played capture the egg and pin the snout on the pig.

Pig Pinata--filled with eggs

Goody Bags
filled with pig and bird pom poms, Angry Birds fruit snacks, coloring pages, and Skittles

A good time was had by all. Wild Thing was very happy with his party. The Crafter is ready to plan the next one.