Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Last Year's Vacation

We will not be taking a major trip this year.  Work schedules and needing new gutters make it difficult.  So I thought I would post some pictures from our visit to the Creation Museum last August.  It was our first family road trip.  We enjoyed the trip, but it was exhausting.


I highly recommend the Creation Museum.  It is very well done.   I wish I could add some music to this one.  A chorus of "Billions of Dead Things" or "Behemoth is a Dinosaur" would be a nice touch.


  1. We are considering going to the Creation Museum this fall. I really hope that we can work it out to go. Did you all stay in a hotel or are you campers? My DH and I are trying to figure out which would be more affordable. If we camp we have to drive two vehicles because his truck only holds three people. So we're thinking it might be cheaper to stay in a hotel.

  2. I didn't see an e-mail from you about the Creation Museum. Can you leave the info in my comments? That would be great. Thanks.