Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fourth Grade Curriculum Choices

You've waited and now they're here! This is what I plan on using for the Crafter's fourth grade year.

Bible:  Explorers Bible Study-God's Perfect Plan

Reading:  Novels from Ambleside Online, Veritas Press, Sonlight, and other Great Books lists.  I want to add a few book reports this year. 

Grammar/Writing:  Rod and Staff Level 4 and Writing Tales 1

Spelling:  Spelling Power

Handwriting:  Italic E

Math:  Singapore Primary Math 4A/4B supplemented with Saxon 65 as needed

Science:  Real Science 4 Kids Chemistry Level 1, Exploring Creation with Botany

History:  The Story of the World 2 (finish up) and 3 with Activity Guides

Music:  Piano Lessons, Listen to classical music tapes

Art:  Drawing with Children and Visual Manna

Logic:  Reading Detective, Math Detective, puzzle books

Foreign Language:  Undecided here—maybe Latin with Children or Latina Christiana; maybe some sort of Spanish

Wow! That looks like a lot, but we don't do every subject every day. Now all I have to do is work out some kind of weekly schedule.

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