Tuesday, May 6, 2008

End of AWANA

AWANA finished up for the year last Sunday.  The children all love it.  Our church doesn't have AWANA, but they go to a near-by church.  This is the first year all 3 attended. 

The Crafter finished up her first year of T&Ts, her 5th year in AWANA.  She finished her book, just barely, and received a First Book Award.  We had to get a waver on "the bring a friend" requirement.  That is always so hard for her because we don't know a lot of kids to invite.  The Crafter's friends are either already in AWANA or they live too far away to come with us on Sunday night.  She did try.  Her teacher let her to make a list of names and allowed that to count.   The Crafter was Clubber of the Month for April.  Mama's proud.

Sweetie went to Puggles.  Really it's just a nursery, but the workers were wonderful.  Sweetie often says "I go Puggles."  I don't know what we'll do next Sunday when it's time to "go Puggles".

Wild Thing started going to Cubbies after Christmas.  He did OK.  He liked the games.  He placed second in the AWANA Grand Prix for the Cubbies.  But here's what Mama is proud of.  Wild Thing was very generous with his AWANA bucks at the AWANA store.  He spent most of them on the Crafter.  He bought her a My Little Pony!  I still can't get over this spontaneous act of generosity. 

We're going to miss AWANA.

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