Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Math Resources

I thought I would pass along a couple of math links that we have been enjoying.

Timez Attack

Lead your little creature through the castles dungeon and defeat the ogre. Sound easy? It is if you have mastered your multiplication tables. Wild Thing has been testing this one out. He enjoys it, but he can get a little frustrated. The game adjusts to the player and it takes a while for it to strike the balance between challenging and frustrating. There is a free basic version and a paid deluxe version. The content of the game doesn't change with the paid content; it just gets more video gamey. We only have the free version.

Math Pickle

The Math Pickle has math challenges for kindergarten through 12th grade. It adds a little spice to our usual lessons. Each video presents a challenge to solve. Several have worksheets to accompany the challenges. Wild Thing's favorite is Willie Wiggle Wiggle Worm.

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