Sunday, December 12, 2010

How to Convert from HSB to Blogger

Sally at Diamonds in the Rough has found a great resource to convert HSB blogs to Blogger.  I was able to move almost all of my entries.  I did lose several comments and many of my pictures needed to be resized, but I am pleased with the results. It's a three step process.

1.  Export the HSB blog and save to your computer.

2.  Convert that file using and save that file to your computer.

3.  Import the file from step 2 to Blogger.

The entries show up on the Edit Posts page.  You can publish them individually or all at once.  Thank you Sally for easing the pain of the transition.

More Detailed Instructions:
Go to HSB dashboard.

Left side--Tools--Click on Export

Select date ranges etc. I left the defaults to export the whole blog.

Click Download Export File

You should get a window that asks you to save file. It will have wordpress in the name and be a .xml

Click OK

Wait for it.

Then go to the page with the wordpress to blogger tool

Step 6 has a Browse button. Click that and select the file you just downloaded.

Click convert. Save that file. It will be another .xml and say blogger export.

Now go to your blogger dashboard.

Click the settings tab.

Blog tools will be at the top. Beside that will be Import Blog in blue. Click that.

Browse and find the blogger export file and upload it.

When it finishes, you should find all of your entries on the edit posts page. From there it's a matter of selecting and publishing. I had to resize a lot of my pictures and some YouTubes didn't transfer. Almost all of my comments survived.


  1. You're welcome, Jamie. Just about anything we want to learn how to do is on Google. :)

    I used to be a chemist... in college... years ago... now, some twenty-five years later, I am learning how to mix personalities and schedules and learning styles. This degree is taking a lot longer to earn!

  2. Jamie,

    Did you have to save it post by post or were you able to do the whole blog at once?


  3. Thank you for helping me with this Jamie. Can you tell me more about the export? How exactly did you do it? Were you able to save the comments along with the posts? Sorry if this is obvious - I'm clearly NOT a computer person.


  4. Thank you so much!!! I've gotten almost all of it transferred. All but one month. (And it is driving me a little nutty too! LOL) I appreciate your help with this. If you have any ideas on why I'm getting an error code I would love help to get this finished!