Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Then There Was the Time We Got Trapped in the Bathroom

I am not having the best of days.  Wednesday is theater day for the Crafter.  She is in a wonderful theater program in a town 45 minutes away.  It is so worth the trip.  It is even worth trying to keep Wild Thing and Princess Pink occupied while the Crafter is in class.  We have been fortunate the past few weeks.  After many, many, cold, rainy Wednesdays, we have been blessed with gorgeous spring weather.  We have been going to a nearby park to play.  And that's where today's story begins.

Wild Thing, Princess Pink, and I were having a lovely day at the park.  We saw some ducks,
ducks Pictures, Images and Photos

and some turtles. 
Turtles Pictures, Images and Photos

The kids played on the swings.  Then Princess Pink got thirsty.  We walked to the restroom with our emergency cup.  (There's no water fountain at this park.)  The three of us walked in through the open door.  It was obviously broken.  We filled our cup in the sink.  Then I had the bright idea to actually use the restroom.  I told my children to stay where I could see their feet and to not touch the outside door.  Famous last words.  Wild Thing not only touched the door, he closed it, and he locked it. 

We were trapped.  I couldn't get the door to budge.  So naturally, I panicked.  I yelled for help.  No one came.  I tried calling 911 since the park is walking distance from the police station, but couldn't get an answer.  That wasn't comforting at all.  I tried yelling for help some more.  I called the Historian.  He was able to calm me down.   While he talked to me, I worked on the remains of the handle with my keys.  I know that it was God's hand that opened the door because nothing I did would have made it open.  Our twenty minute ordeal was finished, and we still managed to pick up the Crafter on time.


  1. Oh My! I would have been in a state of panic too. Half the time I don't even have a cell phone on me! I am glad you got out ok. I am sure wild thing learned something from the experience.



  2. Okay, I know this is not supposed to be funny, but I can imagine the same thing happening to me. I remember when we were at a hotel and I had to go to the bathroom. The door lock was jammed or something. When I shut the door I was locked in. Bryan could not get me out. He had to call the front desk and have them send the handyman to rescue me. Talk about embarassing!

    Glad you made it out. Thank the Lord for watching over you.

  3. What an experience. I am glad it was just 20 minutes although I can oimagine it felt way longer than that. I hope you are not scared of public bathroom now!

  4. My ds will get a kick out of seeing a positive comment about his derby car. :)