Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Program

Our church had its Christmas program the week before Christmas.  It was held 5 days after the great haircut fiasco.  Princess Pink was supposed to be an angel, but she switched to a cow because of her very short hair.  Wild Thing gave an award winning performance of Joseph.  He had to sit still for 20 minutes.  That was real acting on his part.  I don't know how he survived.  He never wants to be Joseph again.  The Crafter was the angel who spoke to the shepherds.  She quoted her entire verse even though it was shortened for the presentation. 

Princess Pink as Cow

Wild Thing as Joseph

The Crafter as Angel


  1. We made me laugh about the sitting still for 20 min. He certainly deserves it, I am not sure neither of my boys would have been able to do it. Looked it a lot of fun.

  2. I thought I had posted a comment on this post. They look like such little cuties. Love that cow costume.