Thursday, November 12, 2009

Science Planning

We have finally (almost) finished Exploring Creation with Botany from Apologia.  We did not enjoy it as much as Exploring Creation with Astronomy.   It started off strong, but all of us fizzled out with it.  It's time for something new, so we are getting ready to start a study of the human body.  This is the first subject that I intend to do with all three children at the same time.  I am blending three different programs in hopes to appeal to the strengths of each child. 

Lyrical Life Science combines information with music.   Princess Pink is very musical.  I hope she enjoys the songs.  This book also contains the most in depth information, so it will form our spine.  The Crafter is the only one who will read the text.  We will all try to learn the songs.  This program came highly recommended from friend who has graduated two of her children.  Her oldest daughter said that she used the songs to help her with her college biology class.

The Body Book has plans on how to make a model of the entire body.  I think the Crafter will enjoy this one.

Blood and Guts has lots of experiments and hand-on activities.  This should appeal to Wild Thing. 

Wish us luck.

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  1. We are using lyrical life science volumes 1 & 2 about animals. We used the body book earlier in the year for the models to accompany our science textbook.

    My son hates the songs. Oh well!