Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stuff...just stuff

I've been really busy lately.  So here's the latest

My Mama:  Mama's still sick.  She's some better.  We do have some big praises--all tests for really scary stuff came back negative, and the CAT scan was normal!  Her mono test was inconclusive as well as some of the others.  The doctor packed up all of her test results and sent them to an infectious disease specialist at one of the university hospitals.  I don't know whether or not anything will come of it.  The case has to be interesting enough for them to take her.  In the mean time,  please continue to pray for continued recovery and rest.  Also pray that my grandmother will stop telling Mama stories about one of her friend's nephew's third cousins having some mysterious ailment and dying.  It doesn't help.

Me:  I'm teaching at the college again.  I have one class this semester.  It's the same math class I taught last year, so I don't have much prep work to do.  The scary part is that I think the Crafter could almost handle class.

Home school:  We are plugging along and getting work done.  We haven't been doing anything fun lately.
Bible:  Put aside Explorers, reading the book of Joshua
Math:  Singapore 4A chapter 2
History:  Read the chapter about Galileo in The Story of the World.   I'm too lazy to go look it up right now.  Side tracked into reading Galileo for Kids by Richard Panchyk from the library. (Don't tell anyone, but I took my husband's card since I'm not allowed to check out any books).  It has some neat activities.
Spelling:  Continuing with Spelling Power.
Grammar:  Writing Tales this week.
Science:  Working on ch. 3 in Real Science 4 Kids Chemistry.
Spanish:  I finally decided to break down and get Rosetta Stone.  It was really $$, but hearing from some moms who had tried other curricula and ending up frustrated convinced me-that and the $100 off code from The Old Schoolhouse.  The Crafter did one lesson.   She had a hard time speaking loudly enough for the voice recognition to kick in.  We'll try again next week.
Art and Music:  Who am I kidding?  I think she practiced piano twice this week and drew some pictures from a Draw Write Now book.

The coming weeks are going to continue to be busy.  AWANA starts tomorrow.  New Sunday school classes start the first week of September.  The Crafter starts Christian Youth Theater the second week of September and we are working on her audition.  I'm ready for things to slow down, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards.


  1. I hope your mother continues to improve. It is amazing how the back to school rush affects even us homeschoolers.



  2. I'm glad to hear your mom has improved, even if it's just a little bit. It sounds like you are very busy, but aren't we all? *sigh*